How To Make Use Of Editing Menu In Microsoft Word 2016


Editing menu is an important option designated in home tab as it provides different selecting and finding options. Editing menu consists of three parts Find, Replace and Select. Now we will discuss each of them in detail.

Find Tab

Find tab is utilized to search the particular word or phrase in a document and It also signifies how many times it has been repeated.

Just click “CTRL+F” on keyboard or go to home tab then click on find option present at the top right corner as shown in fig.


Enter the data you want to find in your document say document.


Hit enter result will be highlighted.

Replace Tab

Replace tab is used to replace the particular word or phrase by another one from whole document.

First search the word or phrase in a document using “Find and Replace” option from replace tab.

Then enter the alternative word in “Replace With” option by that one you want to replace your particular word or phrase.


Then hit “Replace” or “Replace All” as per requirement.

Select Tab

To select all the content including text, images, objects, charts etc of the document hit Select All.


To select objects that are visible or hidden hit Select Objects. To select Multiple objects simultaneously click on Select Objects then use control key and click each object you to be selected.

You can even select only that content having similar formatting by making use of Select Text with Simillar formatting option.

You can organize, change and opt visibility of objects very easily through Selection Pane.

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